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Jyske bank says even Jyske bank complies with all rules and laws!
It is apparently very wrong,

For those who come across this site

Then we only try to get into dialogue with Jyske bank.

Since we as a customer do not want to spend 3 days in court, and explain what we want Jyske Bank’s management to confirm.

It’s just about has Jyske Bank exposed us to fraud. And Jyske Bank still exposes us to fraud. Isn’t that something, we can talk about as grown-ups?

Or does it mean so much to the overall Supervisory Board of the danish bank Jyske Bank, that they would rather lie in legal matters than admit fraud and falsehood.


As Jyske Bank catfish, and CEO Anders DAM writes.
Even the best bank makes mistakes, and so Jyske Bank corrects the mistake as soon as possible.

In other words, this is not a mistake.
But rather deliberate actions, which the entire board of Jyske bank collectively stands behind.


Dear Jyske Bank We would then like to speak to you.
Read the letters, we have sent several of, which have been presented to the court.

And consider whether Dialog is no better than a million scams against the bank’s customers.

CEO #AndersDam #JyskeBank
Call us now, tell the court that we can meet for court mediation, and review the case together.

This is written in a good sense, and we do not want to hurt Jyske Bank’s reputation.
We only write here so as not to be crazy.

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